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content to kids and families.

HappyNest is an independent production company built to help artists and creators launch their next kids and family animated projects. Our company is funded by Stampede Ventures, a leading independent content company, and UTA, the only agency with a dedicated market-leading animation division representing a stable of award-winning, legendary creators as well as the next generation of rising stars.

At HappyNest, we will work with artists and creators to incubate their ideas through artistic and financial support, and shepherd concepts through the entire content-building process — including development, production, and sales. Our mission is to create IP that spans new entertainment franchises for kids and families — through the likes of great content, books, games, toys, digital media, and more. We are eager to innovate, and looking for projects that families can engage with across the entire media ecosystem. Our team is uniquely equipped to provide expertise, resources, and capital to its creators as they build out the verticals behind their ideas, and help them maintain creative and financial control of their IP. Offices are located in Los Angeles, CA.

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© 2021 HappyNest Entertainment