What sets us apart

HappyNest chooses IP that share four key characteristics at their core: a unique series concept, a toyetic play pattern, ancillary franchise potential, and a strategic purpose.

Unique Concept
for a TV or digital series that is ownable and not seen in the TV market or on YouTube before.

Toyetic Play Pattern
built into the DNA of the series concept that informs the consumer product strategy.

Ancillary Franchise Opportunities
such as books, video games, live experiences, and more that HappyNest can use its ecosystem to accelerate.

Strategic Value-Add
such as a celebrity talent, a business ecosystem, or a topic that fills a white space in the animation market that make the IP undeniable.

HappyNest slate targets a variety of ages, demographics, and genres for category diversification, strong market impact, and optimal licensing sales.

HappyNest identifies which projects are best suited to digital-first or international-first launches.